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Home Automation systems Sydney

Based in Sydney, NSW, Talentech have many years of experience in the Home Automation systems industry.
Imagine your home being able to control every system and appliance automatically. In much the same way your sensor porch light turns on when you come home. That's the beauty of home automation. The technology has been around for decades, but new advances are renewing interest in ways to control not only lighting, but home entertainment, security, appliances, heating, cooling, and much more.

Times are now changing. Broadband Internet, home networks, sophisticated computer and consumer electronic products, and the digitisation of entertainment are all sparking new interest in how to make life easy by integrating all of the systems within your home together.

Once all the systems in your home are connected, they can be controlled from anywhere in the house or even the world. With the systems now integrated they can talk to each other to deliver the desired outcome. For example, as you arrive home, your home-automation system can automatically open your gate or garage, the system will then automatically go in the “Welcome Home” mode. As you approach the entry to your home the access control will unlock the door and disable the alarm, light the area depending on the time of day or light level, all without lifting a finger or turning a key. What you have seen here is just scratching the surface, the possibilities are only limited to ones imagination.

From a single door unit, to a multi-tenancy commercial or corporate building, requiring system integration with doors, our staff will assists you in making the right decision as to which home automation system is the most ideal for your business.

Expert Installation
The best Home Automation system in the world won’t help if it’s incorrectly installed. At Talentech, our Home Automation systems installation experts are highly trained and certified, to ensure your Talentech Home Automation systems is customised to your specific needs, and that it functions perfectly. We will also explain clearly how it all works and answer any questions you may have.

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