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Data and Cabling Systems Sydney

Based in Sydney, NSW, Talentech have many years of experience in Data and Cabling Systems.

TALENTECH also provides total data solutions. Networks starting from 2 outlet homes through to 1000+ outlet commercial premises, specializing in fail-safe and 24hr redundant networks for emergency services. Services we offer include:

- Off the plan consultancy
- Project Management
- Multiple Medium Integration i.e. Fibre back bone to Cat 5 outlets
- Integrity and Cross Talk testing
- Least Point Routing
- Virtual Private Network (VPN)
- TLAN (Dedicated private link at ADSL speed between two sites)
- Hubs, Switches, Level 3 Switches (Managed), Bridges and Routers to all Mediums
- Wired to Wireless Integration
- Wireless Antennas i.e. Yagi, Omni Directional, etc...
- Microwave and Satellite uplinks
- Servers (intel accredited)
- Workstations
- Network Printers

Data cabling can be distributed to and from the following locations:

- Single Outlet
- Multiple Outlet
- In-Home Patch Panel
- Rack Mount Patch Panel
- Internal Distribution Frames
- Mains Distribution Frames

Expert Installation
The best Data Cabling in the world won’t help if it’s incorrectly installed. At Talentech, our Data Cabling Sydney installation experts are highly trained and certified, to ensure your Talentech Data and Cabling Systems are customized to your specific needs, and that it functions perfectly. We will also explain clearly how it all works and answer any questions you may have.

Contact TALENTECH today to speak to a technician about the right Data and Cabling Systems for you.

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